Awake trailer

The concept behind The Weinstein Company’s upcoming horror movie sounds about as disturbing as they come. Awake is the story of a man who only becomes paralyzed during an operation. He’s awake and cognizant and feels every slice and dice during surgery.

And if that doesn’t make you squirm at the thought of this happening to you, then you have some issues my friends. What’s harder to imagine that the above scenario is a major Hollywood studio lining up some top-notch talent to make a movie about anesthesia awareness.

The film stars the lovely Jessica Alba (who’s really working like she needs the money lately, eh?), Hayden Christianson, Terrence Howard and the equally as lovely Lena Olin. In the film, directed by Joby Harold, Christianson plays a young man undergoing heart surgery. There’s a bit of a conspiracy thing going on and it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the end. From the trailer you get a real sense of the creepiness, Jessica Alba’s empirical hotness, but what you don’t get is any major spoilers or a true sense of the plot.

Awake turns up in theaters on Nov. 30

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