Batman Begins again

Only this time, barring a name change, Bruce Wayne will return to Gotham in “The Dark Knight.” Scripted by Jonathan Nolan and directed by Christopher Nolan, the sequel to the well-regarded “Batman Begins” starts production in April, according to the LA Daily News.

In a brief interview with the paper, Nolan says the movie is in the intense pre-production stage, but will start lensing sometime in April.

This is good news for fans of the very serious and dour “Batman Begins.” Though details of the plot are being held tightly in check we do know that Heath Ledger is going to show up as The Joker and Aaron Eckhart was recently cast as DA Harvey Dent. We’ll miss Billy Dee Williams, life just ain’t the same without him. Also Katie Holmes is rumored to be out after not being able to reach a deal with Warner Brothers. Could Maggie Gyllenhaal replace her?

Here’s to hoping and that the sequel treads into the canonical/cult territory of “The Long Halloween.” Though it would be difficult to base the entire sequel around this comic series, I have the utmost faith in the Nolan brothers to cherry pick and fashion something truly remarkable.

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