Batman couldn’t save crew member

When a special effects technician on the set of Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight needed help, Batman was no where to be found. Lt. Gordon kept calling on the bat phone, but Bruce Wayne said, “no hasta aqui.”

Wait, what? You mean Batman isn’t real? He doesn’t ACTUALLY save people? Jesus! What is the world coming to. (Via)

The studio said the man, who was not identified, died when a truck carrying a camera platform crashed into a tree while following a stunt vehicle on Monday. Filming on the movie, “The Dark Knight,” was not taking place at the time, and no actors were involved in the accident.

The accident took place during a test run at a racetrack near Chertsey, south of London.

The studio said producers, cast and crew “are deeply saddened by this tragedy and their hearts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of the deceased.”

Suddenly I’m feeling really awful about making a crass joke at the expense of this gentleman’s life. Our deepest wishes go out to this crew members family.

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