Batman turning into a terminator

Christian Bale has reportedly been offered a part in director McG’s upcoming take on the Terminator franchise, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. According to both AICN’s Harry Knowles and CHUD’s Devin Faraci, the stoic actor has signed onto the franchise, in all likelyhood to cash a movie star payday.

Both articles hint that Bale isn’t making the kind of money he’d like to be making, even in the wake of his success as Batman. What both articles don’t make clear is just what role Bale will be playing in the new movie. AICN insists that Bale is going to be none other than humanity’s salvation in John Connor.

We know Bale takes his shit seriously. And if you saw 3:10 TO YUMA… just imagine him coming out of his mountain and beginning the process of taking out SKYNET. With Bale as Connor – that means that we have a great chance that McG is pulling a chair up and will deliver. It all depends on that script… it is obvious we’re dealing now with an adult, GREAT MILITARY LEADER storyline … How he got the remnants of civilization together, trained them, armed them and began a guerilla war that eventually, we hope, brings down SKYNET.

While CHUD claims Bale will be putting on the endoskeletal and playing a terminator.

The interesting thing is that he got it a little different from what I got – my source had him AS The Terminator, while Harry has him as John Connor.

Either way, Bale’s latest string of roles makes him seem almost perfect for either role. His presence certainly ups the credibility of this movie and makes this project go from “straight to DVD” to something to keep an eye on. We’ll have to wait for official word from the studio or the trade papers, but this seems much more than mere rumor.


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