Batmanuel teams up with Batman (and other casting news)

Consider this a big ole roundup of stuff. The one that caught our eye the most was that Lost’s Nestor Carbonell, otherwise known as the age defying Richard Alpert, has been cast in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Carbonell will play the mayor of Gotham City. Carbonell also has the fall drama, “Cane” lined up for CBS, which means that next week guarantees his fate has been sealed with The Others.

“Cane,” stars Jimmy Smits as a Miami drug dealer of sorts. Should be worth a watch, until you realize it’s on CBS. Regardless, we love Carbonell. He’s got the creepy down, but we really love him for his turn as Batmanuel in the short lived live action “Tick” show.

Actually, we ran this story as an excuse to dig up some old clips of Batmanuel and The Tick. The Tick was only around for about 13 episodes on FOX, but man what a show.

Can you guess which one is Batmanuel?

Craig fights from Bond-age

Also, Variety reports that Daniel Craig, hot off kicking asses as James Bond, will team up with Ed Zwick (Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai, Glory) for a World War II action-drama about a band of Jewish resistance fighters. Defiance is based on a true story.

And the fun doesn’t stop there!

Jason Bateman and Joe Carnahan will team up again after flirting with each other in Smokin’ Aces. Universal bought the pitch about two con artist brothers and their family revenge business. Sounds like it could be cool. Bateman was one of the best things about the tonally challenged Carnahan flick. We say tonally, cause it would have been awesome to get a gritty Narc type flick, but instead it was cartoonish and over the top. We still love Carnahan though and hope he and Bateman hit this one out of the park.

I’ll take that Bronte-saurus burger

And for you ladies out there, a biopic is in the works based on the lives of the famed English novelists The Bronte sisters. Can you name all three? Bonus points for knowing Charlotte and Emily, but if you guessed the third and lesser-known sister was Anne, they you’re either an English major in college or just really love Victorian English novels way too much. One can only assume that the Bronte sisters weren’t nearly as attractive as Michelle Williams, Evan Rachel Wood or Bryce Dallas Howard but I guess that’s a moot point now. No word on which of the three actresses will play which doomed writer, but seeing as how I know absolutely nothing about the Bronte family it wouldn’t matter much even if I did know who was playing Emily, Charlotte or Anne.

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