‘Be Kind Rewind’ trailers

The mind of Michel Gondry knows no boundries.? I know on a very technical level he’s not responsible for the film Be Kind Rewind‘s website, bekindmovie.com, yet I feel like somehow he is.? When most people use 10% of their brain the director of Eternal Sunshine and Science of Sleep has to be using like 18%.? How else to explain the fun things you can do over on the site.

They have several trailers for the movies within the movies starring Jack Black and Mos Def, for sweded versions of Robocop, Rush Hour 2, Boyz N Da Hood, and many others.? Check out the sweded (the practice of re-creating something from scratch using commonly available, everyday materials and technology.? In other words doing something homemade, this word was coined in the movie and I kinda like it.) trailer for Rush Hour below.? Head here for the rest of them.

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