Beowulf trailer hits

This is an interesting project from Robert Zemeckis and his use of the technology he created with The Polar Express. This is an animated Beowulf. It’s got digitized versions of Angelina Jolie, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins and Robin Wright Penn. It looks like it could be cool, and if for nothing else scores of high school freshman are thanking their lucky stars that they’ll finally have a film version to cheat off of and they’ll never have to read the book again.

Some of the animation looks great, some of it still looks rather stiff and needs some massaging. But it’s already light years beyond the zombie-looking Polar Express.

Head over here to see the trailer.

And for more Beowulf goodness.? AICN’s Quint is at Comic Con in San Diego and he’s seen about 20 minutes of footage in 3-D mind you.? He seems overall impressed with the flick.

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