Blade Runner: The Final Cut

You know when people complain about how many times Georgie Lucas has worked over the original Star Wars franchise? How come people don’t have that same emotional reaction to what Ridley Scott has been quietly doing to Blade Runner?

The 1982 sci-fi masterpiece has long been regarded as one of the benchmarks, not just in sci-fi, but hell, in all of film. It wasn’t too long ago that Scott went back to the drawing board to rework the flick and came out with a directors cut. Now for the 25th anniversary he’s done it again to produce, obviously, The Final Cut of the film.

So how does this one differ? Not many details are being given, but one thing that does stand out is that the movie will be given a short theatrical run.

Later in 2007, to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, the studio will unveil “Blade Runner: The Final Cut,” Scott’s definitive new version of his science-fiction masterpiece. The film will be released theatrically in select major U.S. cities, followed by a multi-disc Special Edition DVD release which will also contain three alternate versions of Blade Runner: the Original U.S. Theatrical Cut, the Expanded International Theatrical Cut and the 1992 Director’s Cut. Ample, ground-breaking bonus features will also be included.

In making the announcement, Jeff Baker, WHV’s Senior VP and General Manager, Theatrical Catalog, said: “This is clearly Ridley’s signature film and we are thrilled to have it back. While details of the new DVDs will be announced later, we wanted to get this great news to the many serious film buffs and ardent ‘Blade Runner’ fans who’ve been so patient, despite besieging us with thousands of annual requests in recent years for new ‘Blade Runner’ DVDs.”

Okay.? Sounds as if The Final cut will be a slight reworking of The Directors Cut, which Ridley Scott completed in 1992.? The most substantial changes from the original theatrical run were the absense of the happy ending and the introductory voice-over.

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