Bond gets his latina swerve on?

Interesting bit of rumor coming from the fine, fine boys at Latino Review. They’re reporting that producers have targeted the next Bond girl for James Bond 22 and her name is Mayrin Villanueva.

MI6, the best source for Bond news anywhere, claims this rumor started from a Mexican news station.

Local news coverage in Mexico cites Mayrin Villanueva’s husband Jorge Poza, who has told media outlets that his wife has landed a role. She reportedly attended several casting sessions before “producers requested her presence for the film which is currently in pre-production”.

There isn’t much about the actress, seems like she’s been in lots of Telemundo roles over the years and this would likely be her first major movie role. Let’s just hope she does better with her English than say, Penelope Cruz. One thing you can’t deny is the 32-year-old actress is muy caliente.


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