Cannes Film Festival winners

Check it out!? The Cannes winners were announced and it’s guaranteed that you’ll never want to see any of the winning films, which includes the Palm D’Or winning film from Romania about an illegal abortion, a Japanese film about an elderly person and their caregiver, and the latest film from American Julian Schnabel (Before Night Falls, Basquiat), The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Schnabel’s film is about a French magazine editor who becomes paralyzed after a stroke and learns to write again by blinking his eyelids.? Which was an awesome story when it actually happened to Marcel Proust.? But I guess it’s cool that the same exact thing happened to two people.

Whatevs. ? No Transformers, no thank you.? Just kidding, since we’re salivating for a chance to see Wong Kar Wai’s Blueberry Nights. ?

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