‘Cloverfield’ teaser trailer

So anyone who had the chance to see Michael Bay’s fairly mediocre Transformers in the past few days has been treated to the teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, MI: 3) latest low budget flick.

Now the trailer was floating around, but Paramount, the studio behind the flick, has erased any evidence of it being in existence.? Which is a shame.? There’s a ton of secrecy surrounding the flick.

Abrams was supposed to be doing preproduction on the newest Star Trek flick, but instead he’s gone ahead and made some sort of disaster movie, using all hand held cameras.? The trailer opens at a going away party in NYC, there’s an earthquake and everyone rushes onto a roof deck to see what’s going on and then things begin exploding and flames shoot everywhere and then something comes hurtelling down an avenue.? That something turns out to be the head of the Statue of Liberty.

And then poof, the trailer ends.? Now word comes that the JJ Abrams movie actually has no name, that “Cloverfield” is actually just a cover name.? And Paramount is starting a viral marketing scheme to drum up intrigue publicity for a film that won’t even be released until January 2008.

One site is Ethan Haas Was Right. ? There doesn’t seem to be much there, except if you go to You Tube and enter Ethan Haas, you’ll come up with about five short messages about him being some sort of a prophet.? And some allusions to a monster movie attack.

That’s the first viral message.? [Update] The guys over at AICN, specifically Moriarty, have a ton of information about the movie.? Specifically that JJ Abrams is only the producer.? The flick was written by Drew Goddard, who’s scripted some of the best episodes of television for not only JJ Abrams but also for Joss Whedon.? It’s being directed by Matt Reeves, another Bad Robot alumni.

It also has some Lovecraftian underpinnings to it, but I’m sure more will come of that in the future.? For now, though, this looks like it could be one of the cooler sci-fi flicks in the pipeworks.

We’ll get that trailer when we can find it for ya.

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