Crap, holy crap!

Sorry, wish we could have come up with a better title.? But Variety has just reported that director Marc Forster has signed on to direct the next James Bond flick.

Forster is becoming a mainstream version of Michael Winterbottom.? He just shuffles between genres with effortless grace. Between the southern gothic Monsters Ball, the psychological thriller Stay, the oddball comedy Stranger Than Fiction, and the heartwarming Finding Neverland, Forster has carved out quite a career for himself.

Forster has the adaptation of Khalid Hosseini’s Kite Runner in the canister next, so it’s same to presume that James Bond 22 will ramp up preproduction.? The director is meeting with Paul Haggis to knock out a script and story.

Daniel Craig will be back on board.? We’re sort of sad that director Martin Campbell won’t be back, afterall he did a superb job in reviving the franchise with last year’s Casino Royale. ?

We can’t wait to see what Marc Forster does with an action flick.

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