Dark Knight news

It’s only been a few weeks and all has been quiet on The Dark Knight front, so lo and behold we’ve got some more goodies for ya.

IMAX has released a featurette on the film because director Christopher Nolan shot four sequences of the movie using the 70 mm IMAX cameras, the first time any commercial Hollywood movie used IMAX cameras during production. It seems to indicate that The Dark Knight will be released on IMAX, given their relationship with Warner Bros.

In the featurette, which can be seen here, Chris Nolan talks about his love and fascination with the technology. Probably only for diehards and geeks, but hell we’re both and it’s cool nonetheless. There’s also a rumor going around that a seven minute prequel for The Dark Knight will be attached to the I AM Legend film on IMAX, but that’s purely unsubstantiated rumor.

One more thing:

The online viral marketing for this film has been pretty fantastic, though, at a certain point doesn’t everyone just get tired of the monkey business of viral marketing? It’s not that I don’t enjoy the search for stuff, but in all honestly, it gets old pretty quickly. My disinterest in The Dark Knight viral marketing is just about reached the tipping point. Just give us a god damn trailer for the movie, okay! Does anyone remember the viral marketing for Cloverfield? Nope, they remember the kick ass trailers cut for the film.

Anyway, a bunch (seven to be exact) of new viral sites went live over the long weekend. Like I said, I’d go into them more, but I don’t have the energy to. Read about them over at Slashfilm, as Peter does a good job of rounding them up with screengrabs and whatnot. Those sites are:

Happy hunting! Check out the featurette after the jump.

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