David Goyer to direct Mignola’s vampire story

Genre favorite David Goyer has signed on with New Regency Studio to tackle another vampire based property. Instead of Marvel’s Blade franchise he’ll be adapting the Mike Mignola graphic novel Baltimore, or the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to come up with a better name for the movie, but so long as the story is dope who cares what it’s called. Mignola has a history of delivering. He’s about to see his most-famous creation appear on the big screen for a second time, when Guillermo del Torro drops Hellboy 2.

This story sounds kind of cool and I guess when it comes to vampire stories these days, originality counts for very little and it’s all about how you spin the same old tale.

Just-published by Bantam, the graphic novel tells the story of the awakening of supreme evil on Earth. Lord Henry Baltimore is bitten by a demonic vampire bat on a WWI battlefield. The plague destroys his family, and Baltimore creates a team to hunt and fight the Red King, the embodiment of all evil.

Nothing new, but sounds cool nonetheless. And a David Goyer and Mike Mignola team up can only be a good thing for Fanboys.


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