Disney debuts 9 minutes of “Ratatouille”

It’s pretty weird when Pixar’s latest summer release has gone largely un-buzzed about. Given the slate of buzz movies this summer, I suppose that’s easy to happen. But Ratatouille is not just any Pixar movie. It’s the latest adventure from Brad Bird.

Bird was the writer-director of The Incredibles, which is probably one of the most joyous animated films in recent years. His latest concerns a certain Parisian rat, voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt no less, who desires to be a chef. The rat is a foodie at heart.

It shouldn’t be a difficult sell, especially for families looking for a change of pace from the usually violent onslaught of summer flicks. But it seems Disney might be worries, as they’ve unveiled a nine-minute clip of the film, with an introduction from Brad Bird himself.

It only gets us more excited and it should get you excited as well. It’s got a very old-school Disney vibe to it. Very reminiscent of their best movies involving out of place animals. Head over here to watch the video.

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