DVD releases: 11/6/07

It’s a great day for DVD releases, especially because so much of what’s getting released I haven’t had the chance to see.? Looks like I’ll be working the Netflix cue on overtime in the coming winter months, especially with the darker days and writer’s strike of doom all but ending nightly television as we know it.? Can you smell my hyperbole?

As for this week’s big releases …

Ratatouille: Another year another Pixar movie which raises the bar for animation.? How they don’t win the Oscar every year is simple beyond my mind’s comprehension.

I Know Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: Another year, another retarded movie from Adam Sandler.? Sigh.? He disappoints me so.

Sicko: Michael Moore’s “controversial” documentary about the US healthcare system.? This one comes with some extended interviews and featurettes.

Deck the Halls: Another year another retarded Christmas movie, this time Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito are competing neighbors.

Reissues and other awesomely good sets.

The Coen Brothers Movie Collection: This one contains the classics, “Raising Arizona,” “Fargo,” “Miller’s Crossing,” “Barton Fink” and “Blood Simple.”? Even without any serious extras all of these movies need to be in your collection.

Chinatown – Special Collector’s Edition: I love this movie to pieces, in fact it might be my favorite movie ever made.? It works on so many levels.? I’ve even got a framed Italian one-sheet for this movie that is a work of art unto itself. Star Jack Nicholson recently sat down with MTV and he has some great stories about this movie.

Flight of the Concords – Season 1: I don’t have HBO, so I missed this entire phenomenon.? I’ve seen the guys in concert specials, so I know how funny and off-beat they can be.? Can’t wait to dig into this set at some point soon.

James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Set: Have you got $300 to pony up for every single Bond movie, from DR. NO to CASINO ROYALE?? This baby screams Christmas present and it even comes with 21 discs of bonus features for each movie.

Help!: The Beatles classic is released with lots of cool extras, including a making-of documentary, a deleted scene, memories from the cast and crew and more. You can also purchase a “deluxe edition” that comes with a reproduction of the script and a fancy book.

Plus, there are a shit ton of television seasons ranging from Seinfeld to Wings to The Cosby Show out today as well.? Head on over here to see a complete list of new releases.

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