DVD Releases: March 13

Oh man! Bond is back in a big way. Not only was Casino Royale one of the most exciting movies from 2006, but it was quite possibly the best Bond movie since Connery donned the duds, shot a PPK, and had lots of sex. If you missed Daniel Craig’s star making turn as 007 on the big screen, well, we feel bad for you. The good news is now you can go out and buy it on DVD.

Casino Royale – A simple tale of James Bond becoming super stud 007. His first adventure takes him leaping off buildings in Madagascar, playing cards in Montenegro with international terrorist banker Le Chiffre and of course having sex in the Bahamas. It’s all in the life of Britain’s playboy MI6 agent. But seriously, this movie rocked like a drunken baby crib. Extras on the two-disc edition include: Becoming Bond: An intimate look at how Daniel Craig stepped into the role of the 6th James Bond, James Bond: For Real: Inside look at action and stunts of film, Bond Girls Are Forever: Closer Look at Bond’s Leading Ladies and Chris Cornell?s Music Video, ?You Know My Name.? So nothing worth spending the extra money for.

Harsh Times – Christian Bale continues his impressive run lately with this gritty drama from David Ayer (Training Day). Bale plays an ex-Army ranger trying to get a job with the LAPD. But soon he hooks up with his old pal, played by Freddie Rodriguez (he’s in Grindhouse and was in Six Feet Under), and the friends revert back to a life of petty crime, violence and drugs. Pretty heedy stuff and well worth a rental.

The Holiday – Steller cast of Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law, and Cameron Diaz can’t save this trite piece of garbage. Even fans of romantic comedies/holiday movies will be repelled by how formulaic this is. Guess what? Every thing works out in the end for every single character including the love matches. Just having to write about this makes my blood curdle with venemous bile.

Shortbus – Some call it porn, some call it art. Either way we call it penetration. Taking a page from the same book as Nine Songs, this movie from John Cameron Mitchell follows the hipster lives of New Yorkers and their quest to find love and experiment with sex at an underground salon. This one got fantastic reviews from the critics, who said this one had real humanity. Looks like another triumph from the maker of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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