Ed Norton leaves “A State of Play”


Ever have the feeling a rug was pulled out from beneath your feet? After the early promise that Brad Pitt and Ed Norton would reteam in director Kevin MacDonald’s political thriller A State of Play, first Pitt backed out and was replaced by Russell Crowe and now Ed Norton is leaving the project.

There was a lot of animosity when Pitt left the production, but this time around Norton’s departure is amicable. Because of the pushed back start date of production, Norton had a conflict with Leave of Grass – the movie where he will play twins. So Norton is out and now Ben Affleck will step in to replace him as a fast-rising politician.

Call me crazy, but I actually think Affleck will be good for this role.? He’s best when he’s not asked to carry a movie and he certainly can play smug and cocky like few young actors around.? And in real life he loves politics, so I feel as though this may be the role that reestablishes his as a Hollywood player.? Not that Ed Norton would have been bad in the role, because let’s face he’s never been bad in any role in his career, it’s just that this particular part plays up to Affleck’s strengths.

Usually the departure of two high-profile actors would cause a production to be derailed but that clearly hasn’t been the case and A State of Play has recovered quite well.

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