Ending the debate: Eva Mendes is the perfect woman


–> Underestimated as an actress. She can play sweet and na?ve (Stuck on You), tough and dangerous (Once Upon a Time in Mexico) bitchy?in kind of a good, sexy way (Ghost Rider), smart but vulnerable (Hitch) and super sexy (Training Day).

–> Please note her film credentials include both comedy and drama and action and comic books.

–> When’s the last time you heard of an actress?any actress?who doesn’t own a scale?

–> She does work out with a trainer, but is hardly obsessive about her appearance. She decided not to remove her mole although she used to get a lot of flack for it in school. She claims to have three sizes of jeans and likes herself best in the largest (?more womanly?) pair.

–> She’s smokin’ hot.

–> She was named Cosmo’s Fun and Fearless Female of the Year.

–> Claims to be the world’s greatest spooner.

–> Has skin that seems to glow from the inside.

–> Have we mentioned she’s smokin’ hot?

–> Doesn’t want to release her own CD. We can’t overstate the importance of this one. Isn’t it refreshing to find an entertainer not really wanting to branch out and hyphenate?

–> Uninterested in fame, more interested in career longevity as evidenced by her various roles so far.

-> A face beautiful enough that Revlon, apparently not satisfied with the likes of Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry, came knocking on her door.

–> ?Mommy, how come when she looks at me that way, I get a tickly feeling in my tummy??

–> Has been known to refer to her cleavage as ?the girls.?

–> Has that jackpot combination of great lips and perfect smile (Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Nathalie Portman, Eva Longoria) that means a guaranteed Hollywood career.


Eva Mendes’s new film is We Own the Night with Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix. It opens nationwide today.

End of debate.

(Though certainly not the end of the discussion. Ladies feel free to chime in with your very own “End of the Debate.” Drop us a line, send in your thoughts and we’ll publish them and include ya’ll on the never ending discussion. So who’s your perfect man?)

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