Eric Robert’s getting his geek on

We’re beginning to get the feeling that this may be the summer of The Dark Knight. Already photoshopped photos, rumors, and spy pics are running like a gang of bulls through the streets of Pampalona. Which, given the love and adoration for Chris Nolan’s first stab at Batman only makes a lot of sense.

Eric Roberts, brother to Julia, father to Emma, and maybe one of our top five actors of all time has just been cast as a mob boss in The Dark Knight. No word on his character, but consider this just awesome. Cause here’s the thing? We’ve never realized why Mr. Roberts never got the love his sister did? You know? This was the same guy who got nominated for an Academy Award in 1985 for his role in Runaway Train and lost out to some old dude from Cocoon.

Sometimes when there were no cartoons on Saturday morning, we’d throw on our karate outfit and watch Best of the Best, or even if we were feeling frisky throw on Werewolves of Wallstreet. Anyway, we’re glad that an Eric Roberts rennaissance is about to take place, between this news, his role on hit television shows, “Heroes” and “The L Word,” and his screen time in the criminally undersen A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Not to mention star turns in videos for Mariah Carey and The Killers. Did we mention he was in an extended commerical for Ski-Doos? Oh yeah.

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