First four minutes of “The Kingdom” online


Peter Berg’s latest flick, The Kingdom, is a political thriller about an elite FBI unit called in to investigate a bombing on Saudi Arabian soil.? Berg’s an interesting filmmaker of sorts, becuase he seems to be getting better with each new movie (Very Bad Things, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom), at the same time if he were to give up acting all together he could probably be a great filmmaker.? His latest flick, which opens tomorrow by the by, seems to be a huge leap in both production and style.? Make no mistake about it, this one could be a make or break movie for Peter Berg.

Still not sure how a blind piano player, an orchid thief and a superhero assassin would be able to work together to investigate a terrorist bombing, but what do I know?

Anyway the first four minutes, which essentially amounts to the opening credits, have been posted on Yahoo Movies for your enjoyment.? It sure is one snazzy opening title sequence, however.? Given everything else that’s surfaced about this film, Berg could have a surefire winner on his hands.

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