First look at Iron Man

The good folks over at AICN have the first look at the Grey Suit for the Favs production of Iron Man. So for those not in the know, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is a POW. In the comics he’s a Vietnam POW, but I think the Favs has changed that to be a Gulf War POW. Anyway Stark’s a genius and his captives force him to build bombs and whatnot. Using pieces of scrap metal, Stark builds a suit of armor for two purposes. The first is to keep him alive, afterall he has a piece of shrapnel lodged into his heart. And the other is to escape and make it back to the US.

The design of the suit has got this sort of 1930’s or 1940’s robot sci-fi thing going on. It’s almost very Art Deco in a way, reminiscent of the giant design from the criminally underseen Brad Bird animation classic “The Iron Giant.” Which actually, when you come to think of it could have been modelled after early Iron Man designs. Regardless of the chicken and egg, we love it! It’s so very cool!!! And with all that’s coming out about the film, from the cast, this picture, The Favs interaction with the fans. We’re hoping Iron Man ends up being more Spider-man, X-Men and Hulk and less Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Elektra, well just about all the other Marvel movies. Blade franchise notwithstanding. We still don’t know how we feel about it overall.

MP3: Black Sabbath – “Iron Man”

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