First look at Lovely Bones set

We’re pretty sure that Peter Jackson has found a great project for his latest picture.? After years working on big budget flicks, it’s nice to see him returning to the Heavenly Creatures realm.? We’re still not sure how Lovely Bones will play out, we’ve never read the Alice Sebold novel (and for what it’s worth Sarah seems to not have cared for it).

Last we heard Ryan Gosling was out for being too paunchy and Mark Wahlberg was in as the father of a murdered 14-year old girl. ? That makes sense because if Ryan Gosling had a 14-year-old daughter it means he was having unprotected sex when he was 12, which given the hormones of kids these days, I guess that’s not too unlikely.

Anyway, the Philadelphia Inquirer has a first look at the set and shooting in the Willistown Township.? Most of the photos are garbage, but there are a few worth taking a gander at.

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