First look: “The Incredible Hulk” on set

Eddie Norton is down in Rio shooting scenes for his upcoming reboot of The Incredible Hulk. I’m not sure anyone really knows what to make of this project since it’s not really a sequel but it sorta is to Ang Lee’s Hulk. The cast is phenomenal (William Hurt, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth) and it seems the studio is going for a more action-oriented flick, i.e. more box-office.

A few Brazilian websites have snapped some pics of the actors on set doing their thing. Head over here, here and here to see all the photos.


Consequently, a script has leaked over at CinCity2000, which was written by Ed Norton himself and those guys seem to think it’s not ver good. They liken the script to this summer’s huge blockbuster Transformers, essentially saying that all the intelligence of the first film has been stripped for what amounts to “Me Hulk. Me Smash Cars!”

The Hulk isn?t the first comic book character to get a feature film adaptation, and this isn?t the first time studios have called a mulligan and started with a fresh slate. It happened most notably and successfully with Batman and Christopher Nolan?s Batman Begins.

But, take this as you will, TIH is no Begins. As I said at the start of this article, TIH is much more in the vein of Transformers. Or to stay in the realm of comic books, it has much more in common with Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand, than it does with the vastly superior X2: X-Men United or Begins (IMHO the best comic book adaptation to date). TIH knows what it wants to be: a big, flashy summer blockbuster, but it?s as if Norton wrote this script in a paint-by-numbers fashion.

Sounds sad, but I think with some solid acting, FX shots and good directing from Louis Leterrier this could be a fun summer romp. I wasn’t initially sold on Ed Norton as Bruce Banner, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Norton is, or at least he pretends to be, an intellect. His gifts as an actor are purely mental and not so much physical. Just look at the differences between his and Brad Pitt’s performances in Fight Club.

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