Forget Tyler Durden or Jesus . . .

The real question friends, is What Would Neil Patrick Harris do?

We’re obsessed around these parts with the sitcom How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and believe me, it’s due entirely to Neil Patrick Harris’s character Barney. It’s interesting how NPH’s career has been resurrected, like a one-hit wonder band that somehow manages to craft a complex mind-shattering concept album.

After his short cameo in the first Harold & Kumor Go to White Castle, playing a drugged-up sex-crazed version of himself, he landed the sitcom role of Barney and there’s been no going back. Even his announcement of being gay (one wonders how this will play out in Harold & Kumar 2 since in the orignal he was craving women) can’t stop him.

And now finally, he’s integral to the marketing of the sequel. He was briefly featured in the teaser trailer and can now be seen riding a unicorn in this new one-sheet.


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