Frank Darabont to fight for writing credit on Indy 4

Director and mighty fine screenwriter Frank Darabont was originally picked by Spielberg and Co. to pen what will become Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.? However, George Lucas didn’t like the script Darabont turned in, though Spielberg loved it very much.? What happened next was that Lucas hired David Koepp to rewrite a draft, but by all acounts most of what Darabont had written turned up in Koepp’s draft of the movie.

Darabont, who told MTV, said he expects a fight over writing credits sometime in the near future to occur.

Insisting that he still hasn?t read ?Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls? (scripted by ?Spider-Man? writer David Koepp), Darabont again indicated that there may be more than a passing resemblance to his efforts.

?I haven?t read the script, [but] at a certain point I will because I?m sure there will be an arbitration over writing credits,? he revealed. ?I keep hearing from people who are near the production and they keep saying, ?You know, they?re using more of your ideas here than you may have thought.??

In the interview, Darabont admits he had nothing to do with Shia LeBeouf’s character, but he still thinks Spielberg is going to deliver the goods on the fourth Indiana Jones adventure.? ?As a fan, I?m keeping my fingers crossed,” he said.? “I hope it turns out great.?

So do we Frank, so do we.

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