‘Get Smart’ teaser trailer

Even with the dud of Evan Almighty, Steve Carrell remains one of the silver screens brightest comedic stars.? That reputation, solidified in part by The Office and The Forty Year Old Virgin, looks to get back on track with next summer’s Maxwell Smart update, Get Smart.?

Carrell stars as the titular Maxwell Smart, a bumbling secret agent.? A dash of James Bond and a big helping of Inspector Clouseau.? It’s based on the popular 1960’s tv show and the 2008 summer comedy stars Anne Hathaway as Agent 99, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Agent 23 (looks like he’s dropping The Rock all together), Terrance Stamp as an agent of KAOS and Alan Arkin as the head of CONTROL.

Head over here to watch the teaser trailer.? And yes, we posted on this just to show the mundane beauty striking hottness of Anne Hathaway, even if she is just wearing a natty T-shirt.

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