Gina Gershon sex tape

With the subtitle: “How to create a perfect marketing campaign for a movie few people have heard of or will go see.”

Full disclosure time.? This tape is obviously fake, and obviously a genius marketing ploy from the people behind the movie Delirious.? Otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about it now.
The director and creative team behind the flick invited Gershon to a hotel room under the clever ruse of shooting promo material for the film.? But once there they ambush her into making a porno with star Luke Van Damn.? The rest is classic give and take between Gershon and director Tom DiCillo.

Oh yeah, there is a movie as well, which also stars Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt and Allison Lohman.? Buscemi is a paparazzi photographer, who befriends a homeless kid.? That homeless kid ends up putting the moves on a pop star.? Of course, Buscemi becomes jealous and attempts to get even!? Hijinks and hillarity ensue, no doubt!

If you’re at work, turn the speakers down or plug in some headphones, as several F-Bombs get dropped. (via Cinematical)

Delirious shoots its way into a theater near you on August 15.

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