Gone Baby Gone trailer

When it was first announced that the Affleck would be directing Gone Baby Gone, the very first Kenzie-Gennaro mystery from scribe Dennis Lehane to see a silver screen, there was some trepidation.? Of course, Ben Affleck was still mired in trying to rehab his career at that point.? Though we’re pretty sure he’s still trying.

Anyway, he cast his brother Casey as the private detective Patrick Kenzi, a street-weary guy with demons in his closet and baggage in his heart.? Cause, you know, everyone from Dorchester is like that.? Casey seemed like an odd choice, he just looks too young and too pretty.? Imagining the books in my head (yes, Lehane is probably my favorite writer over the past few years and his mystery novels transcend the genre much like Dashiell Hammet or Raymond Chandler), I always pictured Patrick Kenzie as someone slightly older with more creases in the face, someone like Donnie Walhberg.

Yeah, yeah, I know Donnie Walhberg isn’t going to get cast as the leading man in any movie, but why not brother Mark?? He at least looks older than Casey and he’s actually from Dorchester.? Regardless, after seeing the trailer for the flick, which stars Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris and Michelle Monaghan as Patrick’s partner Angie Gennaro.

Again, Monaghan seems too young to play Gennaro, who is described as an aging Italian chick with fire in her belly.? She used to be the prettiest girl in the class, but now time is slowly catching up with her.? We’ll give Ben Affleck the benefit of the doubt, especially since author Dennis Lehane said Monaghan was a perfect casting choice.

Be that as it may, the trailer looks awesome.? Just a fantastic mystery flick and it looks like it may have taken a Boston guy to get Boston done right.? It’s no secret that every movie taking place in Boston just doesn’t do the city proud and that includes Scorcese’s The Departed.? It’s always the accents to be honest.? But they come off well in this trailer.? Hopefully this will kick start the Affleck’s career 2.0.

Head here to watch the trailer.

Gone Baby Gone is actually the fourth Kenzie-Gennaro mystery from Dennis Lehane. ? The movie opens in limited release on Oct. 19.

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