Goyer taking on ‘Magneto’

David S. Goyer, super stud writer of genre fare, like oh say, the little known movie, Batman Begins, The Blade Trilogy, the recent The Invisible, and cult classic Dark City.? He’s also attached to several films like The Flash and Jumper. ?

Now word comes from yonder that Goyer is stepping into the directors chair for the Magneto film.? It’s sort of a precursor to the X-Men films.? Following the early years when Professor Xavier and Eric Lench were superpowered friends, the film assumingly will deal with the events causing the fallout between the two.

Actors Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart won’t be in the film, their roles will go to actors in their 20’s or 30’s. ? Could be good or it could be a disaster.? Goyer is really lacking when it comes to directing the material he writes.? Maybe it’s that he hasn’t found the right property, but whenever another director takes his material the movies are generally gold and whenver Goyer directs, well, we don’t want to rag on him too much.

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