Happy Birthday Bruce Willis

He turns 52 today. Yippie Kiyay muthafucka. He can been seen next in the Tarentino/Rodriguez two-fer Grindhouse on April 6. Anyone else surprised by the promotional push Grindhouse is getting. It’s been all over Sci-Fi and FX, etc. I can’t tell if the studio is worried it’ll tank at the box office or if Tarentino and Rodriguez are out making the rounds becasue they are like super duper excited for their flick. Thoughts?

Oddly enough Mr. Willis refused to do a sex scene with Halle Berry because she became way hotter in the decade since the two made The Last Boyscout. The duo are in the sexual thriller Perfect Stranger. That movie comes out on April 13. Looks like it’ll be a Bruce-tastic April!

In a related story Ashton Kutcher is still young enough to be Bruce Willis’s kid. That must suck knowing you’re cool cat Bruce Willis and you lost Demi Moore to Ashton Kutcher. Sorry Bruce!

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