Happy Birthday ‘Star Wars’

Today is your 30th birthday. You hit 32 theaters on May 25, 1977 and changed movies for ever. You also created a monster out of George Lucas and made him a bazillionaire.

Yup we’re that dorky here in Oysterland. Not saying we’re going to dress up as a stormtrooper or anything just that we really like the movie and it should be noted.

Lots of places around the way are celebrating.

*CNN is running not only a story about the flick, but also a bunch of e-mails from fans detailing their sick obsession.

*A BBC reporter details losing his Star Wars virginity 30 years after the movie was released. Pretty humorous, but be warned the story contains plot spoilers.

*AICN is running a rumor that Georgie Lucas is gonna make yet another movie and two television shows. The television shows are not much of a rumor, but news of a new movie is.

And really this is just an excuse to revist the awesomeness of John Williams’s music and check in with Star Wars boy and a panoply of tribute videos.

Also, not sure who made this video but it’s a Monty Python-Star Wars mash up. And really how could you go wrong?

More than anything, what’s really a tribute to Star Wars is all of the parodies and homemade movies and just the absolute devotion to the film universe beyond simply watching them. We all make fun of the dudes who dress up and wait in line for months to get tickets, but who doesn’t love the premise of Chad Vader? Or Tim Dowling’s George Lucas in Love?

Mp3: John Williams – “Star Wars Theme”
Mp3: John Williams – “The Imperial March”
Mp3: John Williams – “Duel of the Fates”

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