Has Bond met his match?

?With rumors of Bond 22 simply being titled 007, thanks to star Daniel Craig’s loose lips on a British talk show, and recent photos of him training for the movie on speed boats, mums been the word on all other fronts recently.? Empire Online has scored a slice of info.? Seems that the young and pluckish Gemma Arterton (honestly, Gemma is one of my favorite names for a girl) has been cast in an unidentified role for the new flick.


Arterton doesn’t have many credits to her name, with the most notable ones being a role in Guy Ritchie’s crime thriller RocknRolla and the schoolgirl comedy with Mischa Barton, St. Trinian’s.?

She’s sexy, but not quite in the sort of way you want a Bond girl to be, more in the cute and cuddly way.? Sort of like in the Miss Moneypenny kind of way.


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