He is Coming!

UPDATE: JOBLO has the full version of the picture, which is in fact the next cover of Empire Magazine.

Wow! Talk about another great The Dark Knight slow reveal. Somehow, well, probably because the next issue is gonna be a big bat themed one or something, but anyway Empire Magazine has gotten Chris Nolan to give a huge scoop.

Using a deck of slowly burning playing cards, the Dark Clown Prince is slowly being revealed. So far you can only make out his shoes, multi-colored socks and make the assumption he’s sitting in a jail cell. It looks like the photo very well could be a magazine cover or a one-sheet poster, but once the full image is revealed we’ll get that up for you.

For now you’ll just have to settle for those socks. And the tantalizing slow burn of yet another wonderful promotional tool. We should be getting that trailer any week now.


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