Hellboy 2

Guillermo del Toro jumped right back into the saddle after his acclaimed film, Pan’s Labyrinth, won a few Oscars. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is lensing right now in Budapest. This time out Hellboy and the gang will be attempting to put down an uprising by mythical creatures. Rumors are there will be evil fairies and elves. Anyway, The Age (via Joblo) sat down with Guillermo to shed some light on this project.

Hellboy 2 was written while del Toro was working on Pan’s Labyrinth. There might have been, he says, some crossover between the two films: he conferred on the Hellboy 2 story with Hellboy’s comic-book creator, Mike Mignola.

But the first draft he came back with, he says, shocked Mignola. “Mike was quite horrified by how much I had deviated from what we had talked about, especially at some of the quote, unquote whimsical elements, the parts about magic and the fairy world. But then fortunately, he saw Pan’s Labyrinth” – the darkest and most devastating of fairytales, a lyrical but unsettling film in which the borders between the world of the imagination and the world of the everyday are blurred – “and he realised that the two movies would have some parallels”.

We couldn’t be more excited. We’re bigtime Hellboy geeks. Loved the comic by Mike Mingola, Hellboy was one of our favorite pieces of popcorn cinema, and we’re even down with the animated movies. All of them are smart, emotional, funny, adventuresome and more than anything engaging. We could watch the movies over and over and over again, if for nothing else than for Ron Perleman. The entire cast is back for the second go round. And according to IGN, the second movie plants some seeds for a final chapter towards a Hellboy trilogy.

“I’ve talked to [Hellboy creator Mike] Mignola about the third one. He seemed to like [my idea], and that is that the way the love story would pay off in the third movie would be completely unexpected,” hints del Toro. “I knew what I wanted to do on the first one, but I had no idea if we ever would get to do a second one. And now that we are I really am laying down the breadcrumbs that will lead you to a very, very ? hopefully ? powerful denouement of that loving couple.”

Which isn’t to say that Hellboy 2: The Golden Army will be a cliffhanger. Whether or not a third film in the series gets made will come down to how part two performs financially (after all, Universal had no problem killing another would-be franchise recently, Josh Whedon’s Serenity, when it underperformed), and del Toro knows that better than anyone.

“The second one is self-contained and if we never get to do the third one there’s only one element that people will have hanging where they will go, ‘Oh Jesus, I wish they had done a third one.’ But if not, it’s fine,” says del Toro, before adding with a grin, “If anyone listening has $80 million, we can assure you we can do a third one.”

Paging Dr. Gates and Dr. Buffet stat! I’m sure someone in Hollywood has $80 million to piss down a celluloid drain, right?

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