“Hitman” trailer arrives to assassinate you

Joblo got the premier for the “Hitman” trailer, based upon a video game of the same name.?? I’ve played the game a few times as my roommate? plays it all the time.? Fox Studios is releasing the movie in October and the trailer will be attached to? the upcoming Bruce Willis vehicle Live Free or Die Hard. ?

Regardless, the story has something do with a hitman named Agent 47.? He’s bald and has a barcode tattoo on his neck and he kills evil doers. Actor Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Catch and Release, Go) stars as the titular Agent 47.? Gotta say this trailer leaves me a little lukewarm.? I’m sure it could be great, but Olyphant, who we love by the by, looks odd.? Like one of those bald dogs or cats with wrinkles everywhere and you keep thinking to yourself how cool that dog would be if only they had hair.

The use of “Ave Maria” was a sublte touch, much better than using your standard Drowning Pool or Staind for shoot’em up trailer.

Click here to watch the trailer.?

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