Hollywood roundup

Source: Variety

Rodriguez doing ‘Barbarella’

Schlock master and B-movie aficionado Robert Rodriguez is set to take the reins of the remake for “Barbarella.” Even after the financial bomb “Grindhouse” Rodriguez isn’t stopping to find his next project. He’s been rumored to be up for “The Jetsons” among others. This time he’ll work with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Casino Royale) to write the script about a futuristic mercenary. Word is it’s going to R-rated and not the least bit campy. Hopefully he’ll knock our asses off with this one.

Hughes Brothers going apocalyptic

“Book of Eli” is about a lone hero who must fight his way across a post-apocalyptic America to protect a sacred book, which may save humanity. We just hope this time around the entire movie kicks ass. The Hughes Brothers have shown flashes of brilliance at times and other times look merely pedestrian. This could be something fantastic to see.

McQuarrie becomes that hot screenwriter again

Christopher McQuarrie, the writer behind “The Usual Suspects” and the underrated “Way of the Gun” has lined up a World War I drama titled “No Man’s Land.” It’s set up at 2929, Mavs owner Mark Cuban’s film company. This movie will use three fictional characters to illustrate the inns and outs of the alliances during World War I. Would love to see his take on modern warfare, which began with the First Great War.

Kenneth Branagh joining Tom Cruise for World War II

Bryan Singer is directing “Valkrie” with Mr. Cruise. It’s about an assassination squad aimed for Der Fuhrer. Cruise will play an American soldier, with we’re sure a toothy smile and an annoying laugh. Branagh will be a German general who puts the plot in motion against Hitler. Oh yeah, this one is also written by Christopher McQuarrie. We mentioned he was hot didn’t we?

Eva Mendes has curves

That’s for sure, but now she’s starring in a movie aptly titled “Curves.” Except it’s not really about her gloriousness, it’s a about a young women, a serial killer, their struggle to understand their love for one another in a small upstate New York town. Except replace love with struggle for survival as the serial killer hunts Mendes.

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