A summer movie starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, one would think, would be getting more of a publicity push.? Either Warner Brothers is waiting to get over the July hump to push Invasion or they just don’t want to bother.? It’s strange, though, coming off Daniel Craig’s success as James Bond and the ever glowing Nicole Kidman, that the studio isn’t getting the word out there for what looks like an adult sci-fi thriller.

Not to mention it’s also got Jeffrey Wright.? There was some discontention on the post-production side of things, with Warner Bros. having to bring in director James McTeigue (V For Vendetta) to do reshoots, etc.? Because you can’t have a simmering, adult-oriented movie in the summer, and that’s what director Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall, Das Experiment) delivered.

Be that as it may, this one is based on the 1950’s movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.? Kidman stars as a D.C. area psychiatrist, who, along with Daniel Craig’s doctor, unearth an alien epidemic.? Kidman’s son may be the key to stopping the invasion.? Check out the poster and the trailer below.

Very cool, no?? It’s got a nice retro look to it.? Very creepy with the red hues to it.

Invasion hits theaters on Aug. 17.


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