It’s Sex! There’s a city! And now a movie to boot!

For all the ladies. The little movie that couldn’t get off the ground due in no large part to diva issues (Kim Cattrall wanted a salary equal to that of SJP), is finally getting the greenlight. All four original cast members of HBO’s sitcom Sex and The City have signed on for the big screen adaptation. In case you forgot that’s Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and, in my opinion the only attractive member of the cast Kristin Davis.

Long time executive produce Michael Patrick King will direct the film, based on a script he wrote.

The pic got close to happening about two years ago, but progress halted when Cattrall backed away. She wanted script control and a salary close to that of Parker, who was more highly paid than the others because she was co-executive producer of the series. Whatever tensions existed are gone now, sources said. Cattrall has a deal she?s happy with, one the sources said gives her input on her scenes, a fat salary and a future series deal with HBO.

There have long been rumors that supporting cast members like Chris Noth would take part, but New Line has not locked in any such deals.

That sentence should read: “whatever tensions existed are gone now” all four leading ladies haven’t found any success since the show ended several years ago and now need to do a big screen adaptation to boost their defunked profiles.

Regardless, if you watch the show enough it’ll slowly grow on you like a barnacle beneath a crusted over boat. Can’t say I ever understood how Carrie Bradshaw was considered A) attractive and B) a stylish fashionista. Some of those outfits, I tell ya (editors note: we don’t in anyway cop to watching this show even though it’s clearly apparrant we’ve watched more than enough to surrender our “Man Badge” to the Lieutenant for conduct upbecoming of a man). Plus it doesn’t help that she looks like a horse. Ah well! We say bring on the cosmos or whatever the cool ladies are drinking these days. I’m sure I’ll end up getting dragged to it anyways.

“Yeah bitches who’s having sex in the city now? I own the city. I own you. I own Steadman. Mwahaha”

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  • Amy July 8, 2007, 6:59 am

    yes, you will be getting dragged to it…and no, you are not a man anymore.