Jackie Chan – not so daring?

A stuntman, on a Chinese-language blog, claims he’s performed as a stuntman for famed Asian icon Jackie Chan. Oh really? So Jackie Chan doesn’t do all 100% of his stunts anymore? Color me surprised. Which, if you’ve got the Crayola box of 164, is somewhere between “big deal” and “no shit.”

The dude’s body is probably so broke for doing stunts early in his career, there’s no reason given his success in Hollywood, that he should even want to do his own stunts anymore. From the AP (via CNN):

Stuntman Bruce Law said in his Chinese-language blog that he’s doubled for stars including Chan, Chow Yun-fat, former Bond girl Michelle Yeoh and veteran Hong Kong actor Andy Lau.

A spokesman for Chan, Solon So, told The Associated Press in a phone interview Chan uses a stunt double in Hollywood because of insurance restrictions but rarely does so when shooting in Hong Kong.

“Hollywood movies don’t let you perform moves that are too dangerous. They have insurance coverage. There are safety consultants,” So said.

Law agreed with So’s observations in his blog.

“Sometimes it’s not a matter of whether an actor can perform a stunt but rather the movie company isn’t willing to take the risk. Once an actor is hurt, the movie has to stop shooting and the financial loss is great,” Law said.

Well, well. Seems that those awesome stunts he did in Tuxedo maybe weren’t so awesome were they Mr. Chan? Huh! Huh! Actually, the better question would be, if Jackie Chan was in a movie that no one went to go see is Jackie Chan still in the movie? . . . Maybe it’s Bruce Law.

Enjoy some classic Chan.? Before Chris Tucker got his mitts on him.

If you look close enough you can see Bruce Law in aisle three.? He’s the one buying cans of tuna fish.

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