James T. Kirk is?

None other than Chris Pine. He’s had some decent roles in a Lindsay Lohan rom-com Just My Luck and as one of the freaky Tremor Brothers in Joe Carnahan’s Smokin’ Aces. Very different roles, but it’s not a leap to say this will be his most high profile role to date, stepping into the shoes of The Shatner as Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise James T. Kirk.


J.J. Abrams has put together an impressive cast so far for this reboot, reimagining, possible time-travelling alternate universe. One thing for sure is that Star Trek has never had this much creative energy behind it for the film franchise. Doesn’t mean it will necessarily be great, or even equal to The Wrath of Khan but it does mean this is a project all geeks can get behind. Which is exactly what studio Paramount was hoping for.

Now, Chris Pine was also attached to director Joe Carnahan’s adaptation of White Jazz, but late last night he posted this message on his blog:


The young man playing Junior Stemmons has opted to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ and thus, had to bow out of WHITE JAZZ. I’ve been talking to him this past week and knew how tough the decision had to be for him. I don’t envy ever being in that spot but I gave him my full support, even if it meant he didn’t do JAZZ. I get it. You don’t get opportunities like that often and I told him as long as he could control as much of that process as possible and not get sucked into doing lesser sequels as a result of taking this gig, then good luck and God bless.

We’re sure to do something down the road. I’ve already slotted him in for KILLING PABLO.


So that’s that. Must’ve been a tough decision for the actor, but it’s pretty obvious you don’t pass up the opportunity to portray Captain Kirk, even if that might mean you spend the rest of your life attending Star Trek conventions.

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