Jennifer Connolly signs on to “Earth”

Yup the writers in Hollywood are on strike, but let’s get serious.? When the actors decide to strike then we’ll have something special.? Can you imagine a period in Hollywood when no one can star in anything?? Talk about grinding to a halt.? And what’s really interesting, especially to teachers and public servants – otherwise known as people that are actually important to this world – is the notion of La La land out picketing.? I mean how is someone like David Koepp or David Benioff expected to picket at least 20 hours a week when they are vacationing in the Swiss Alps?

Anyway, I digress.? The real reason for this is that the lovely and talented Jennifer Connolly has signed on to star in the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.? She’ll be mixing it up with Keanu Reeves and if he shows any range of motion in this picture than the Earth won’t stand still, but movie goers certainly will.

Scott Derrickson will direct the pic as his follow-up to “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” Ryne Douglas Pearson wrote the screenplay; David Scarpa penned a recent draft.

Story kicks off as aliens land on Earth carrying a message for all humans: Live in peace or be destroyed. Connelly is set to portray Helen Benson, the role Patricia Neal played in the 1951 original.

Fox has set a December start date in Vancouver.

Live in peace or be destroyed.? Sounds amazing, I can’t believe Hollywood has never made this kind of movie before.? It will probably not be better than the Dolph Lundgren movie I Come in Peace.? Now that was a awesomely craptastic alien adventure romp.

And we prove to you after the jump.

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