Jesus’s Son get’s atomized

Billy Crudup, who we are still convinced, will become more of a household name one day, even though he’s been on the perch for about ten years now; he has allegedly signed onto Zak Synder’s Watchmen adaptation as Dr. Manhatten.

The role of Dr. Manhattan has already been spurned by both Jason Patric and Keanu Reeves (his vacant expressions and wooden method acting would have been perfect). But Crudup (Almost Famous, Big Fish, Mastercard Commercial narrator) seems to be the choice.

A very reliable source tells me that Snyder has settled on Crudup for the role of Watchmen?s only super-powered character, a scientist who accidentally gets annihilated on an atomic level and reconstructs himself into a big, naked, blue, floating demigod.

Again, I would expect an official announcement at Comic Con, or the days leading up to it, but in the meantime, go rent Almost Famous and Jesus? Son to get a look at who Dr. Manhattan is. By the way, a superhero film starring Patrick Wilson and Billy Crudup and Jackie Earle Haley? Could this be the first Oscar-contender superhero movie? Feels like it?

FYI Jackie Earle Haley was recently seen in Little Children and the remake of All the King’s Men. He’ll be playing Rorshach and Patrick Wilson was dynomite in Hard Candy. That was a creepy and claustrophobic affair, certainly worth renting. He’ll be playing The Night Owl. And yes, this does feel like an Oscar-contending cast, and with the source material and director the possibilities are endless.

Expect announcements aplenty during The Watchmen panel at Comic-Con. And if you really want to see Billy Crudup shake his shit, then go rent Stage Beauty right now. His performance will leave your jaw on the floor.

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