Jim Carrey love Ewan McGregor

Not literally of course, but the duo are teaming up for the directorial debut of Glenn Ficara and John Requa, the writing duo behind the very funny Bad Santa.? The movie is I Love You Phillip Morris and will probably have it’s title changed in pre-production, since the cigarette giant won’t want to be associated with homoerotic comedy.

Homoerotic comedy you say?? We do.? The plot is loosely based upon the life of conman Steven Russell.? In the movie, Carrey will play the conman sentenced to jail who falls for his cellmate, played by McGregor.? Once McGregor is released from jail, Carrey will go to any length to be set free and reunite with his loved one.

Sorta like a funny and gay Shawshank Redemption.? Carrey has several projects lined up including the motion-cap A Christmas Carol, from Bob Zmeckis and even sooner he’ll be voicing the elephant in Horton Hears a Who. ?

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