“Jumper” hits the intertubes

Doug Liman is one hell of a filmmaker. Hard to believe when watching the over-stylized latest efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and to some degree The Bourne Identity he’s the same filmmaker responsible for classic Swingers and even Go!? I would never have pegged him for an action director, but then again his action flicks are pretty sweet.

His latest flick, which doesn’t open until February 2008 is Jumper.? At first I thought this one was about people committing suicide, but what do I know.? The flick stars Hayden Christianson (hit or miss for me, though I don’t think he’ll ever be as bad as he was as Anakin Skywalker), Sam Jackson (he was certainly bad as Mace Windu but the kind we all love), Jamie Bell and Rachel Bilson.

Impressive cast and this trailer is impressive as hell.? It starts off slow but if you aren’t hooked to the movie’s premise by the end, then you’ve got no pulse.? I’m not sure the plot makes a lick of sense and the FX shots look preposterously off the charts.

From what I gather Sam Jackson is the leader of some gang that attempts to kill people with a genetic anomaly which allows them to teleport places.? It’s based on a book written by Steven Gould with the same title.

Jumper leaps its way onto the big screen near you Feb.? 15, 2008.? Sure to become an instant Valentine’s Day for you and your loved one.

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