Latest ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ trailer

Love this trailer for the latest Matt Damon Bourne flick.? What’s nice about this trailer is you finally get a sense of just what the movie is all about.? And the possibility of a NYC Bourne car chase sequence has us so giddy we’re going to go out and watch The French Connection just to get us tittilated.? Anyway, the Bourne franchise, especially if the third movie delivers the goods, will go down as one of the best spy trilogies/franchises of recent memory.

Interestingly at the end of the trailer it says to join the search for Bourne go to, which just brings you to this site.

Search For Bourne?

Appears to be a Google tie-in with the movie, but we always love a good Easter Egg hunt.

The Bourne Ultimatum hits theaters on Aug. 3.

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