Leonidas could be a snake

Actor Gerard Butler, hot off the incredulous success as King Leonida in the Spartan warrior saga, 300, is prepared to step into the role of Snake Plissken. Yes, you read that correct! The dude is blowing up big time. We remember you back when you were Angie Jolie’s sidekick in the awful sequel to Tomb Raider.

Variety is reporting that the actor is part of a package being shopped around to studios courtesy of CAA. The latest version would be a remake of the 1981 cult-classic Escape From New York. That version was directed by John Carpenter. The version with Gerard Butler, who may just become the action hero everyone has been looking for (his turn as the Phantom in Joel Schumaker’s Phantom of the Opera notwithstanding) since the retirement of The Govuhnator and Rocky Balboa, er, I mean Sly Stallone, doesn’t have a director attached to it.

However, Blackhawk Down screenwriter Ken Nolan has been tapped to pen the remake, with Neil Moritz attached to produce. Kurt Russell (who can next be seen in Grindhouse) played one-eyed convict Snake in the original, and the 1996 sequel Escape from L.A. Anyone who’s seen 300 knows what a charismatic badass Butler can be. The dude can rake. I’m not sure what his body count was in the movie, but it had to be like 100,000. We can’t speak for everyone but we think his Snake Plissken would be a bad muthah fuckah, especially with those ab implants in place.

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