Make your own Sweeney Todd trailer


How can you go wrong with the Demon Barber of Fleet Street collab between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp?? You can’t and now you have the chance to cut your own trailer for the movie.? Even at a minute long it’s pretty fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at the art of cutting a trailer.? It’s not easy and I’m not sure how much time I’d want to spend poking around on this, but given our love for the art of trailers and given how much we spend discussing them, well, it’s just cool having the opportunity to make one ourselves.

It’s fascinating to see how video, audio, video with audio, etc. all work like a puzzle to craft a one-minute summation of the movie to entice viewers to see it in the theaters.? My respect for this artform went up significantly.

If you decide to cut a trailer let us know so we can head over to watch it… and if you’re curious we titled our “Sweeney Todd” and it’s not to shabby.? Wish we could figure out a way to embed it for ya’ll to watch though.

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