Mark Ruffalo steps in to “Blindness”

Actor Mark Ruffalo has signed on to star in the upcoming flick, Blindness, from director Fernando Meirelles. Ruffalo will play a doctor in a tiny Brazilian village suffering from a blindness epidemic. He succumbs, while his wife (to be played by Julianne Moore) does not.The film will based upon the novel of the same name from writer Jose Saramago. It all sounds so very magically realistic.

Ruffalo has been working non-stop lately, appearing in David Fincher’s Zodiac, and he’s just wrapped up three movies including Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are, Ryan Johnson’s Brothers Bloom, and Terry George’s Reservation Road.

Oddly we’re eagerly anticipating all three flicks around these parts, especially Ryan Johnson’s follow up to his smashing debut Brick.

Meirelles is an exceptional director. Both City of God and The Constant Gardner are fantastic, emotional, and devestatingly good cinema. Of the two we prefer City of God, but that’s us.

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