Martin Scorcese – The Key to Reserva

I love oddball holiday traditions, such as England’s Christmas Number 1.? In Spain, however, there is a wine company named Freixenet, and they’ve become known for their outlandish commercials around this time.? Every year they manage to wrangle some primo Hollywood talent to essentially create a short film for their product line.

This year they managed to nab Martin Scorcese and Simon Baker to pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock.? The short was paid for by advertising agency JWT, which is the world’s fourth largest ad firm.

The set up is rather simple.? Scorsese claims to have filmed a long lost Hitchcock scene to preserve it.? Using many of Hitchcock’s techniques and the score from North By Northwest, Scorcese has crafted a nice commercial-homage.

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  • MP3 December 16, 2007, 5:21 am

    I think this is cool movie 🙂